Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Paris Letters

Every now and then, you are lucky enough to read a book that changes your life - even if you aren't really sure how it has changed or is going to change your life.  Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod is one of those books. 

This delightful memoir pulls readers in and makes them want to know why MacLeod isn't satisfied with the "perfect job" as a copywriter, a job most people would die for.  Rather than whine about her dissatisfaction, MacLeod takes readers along on her journey as she follows her inner compass.  It isn't clear in the beginning where she'll end up, but her engaging writing style and humor take us along for a wonderful ride.  

As she opens up and we get to know her, we find a talented and creative woman who is willing to take risks in order to find just where it is she's supposed to be - and with whom.  Her openness to those risks and her willingness leave excess baggage behind is inspiring.  The happy result of her risks is a new-found career writing letters and painting, living in Paris with her true love and ParisLetters.  

I found myself repeating parts of her book ("MacLeod ... Clan MacLeod! ...") and marking phrases to review later.  I sympathized with her struggles and rejoiced with her successes.  She's the kind of writer people would like to meet and luckily for us, she has a blog we can follow.  She also writes real letters, available via subscription.  I subscribed for a Francophile friend of mine and guess what?  They've changed her life by bringing a ray of Parisian sunshine to her door once a month.

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(This title was previewed through  It was published February 4, 2014.)

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