Friday, February 28, 2014

Making Marks by Elaine Clayton

The title of this book is what first caught my eye.  At first, it looks like a book that explains how important doodling is to art form and how we create such art.  Deeper reading reveals that simple doodling/drawing can lead to intensive growth and healing.  I'm a big supporter of art therapy, music therapy and nature therapy as a way to heal from wounds seen and unseen and as a way to nurture our spirits.  This book compliments that line of thinking and takes it a step further with detailed instructions on healing through art.

I have to confess, though, that I'm not a follower of the paranormal stuff and near-death experiences (having never had one) and that is one of the underlying themes of this book.  I didn't expect to like it because of this, but that sort of prejudgement was quickly dispelled as I got further into the book. With that in mind, I wrote the following review for

"Elaine Clayton puts a new twist on interpretive drawing by focusing on conscious and subconscious doodling and how simple doodling (“making marks”) can lead to growth and healing.  

By using techniques familiar to readers who are comfortable with paranormal experiences, Ms. Clayton teaches readers how to tap into and use their intuition as more than just a creative skill; she teaches how to use it as a life skill.   Her gentle approach and thoughtful delivery will appeal to many readers.  Instructions and exercises are clear and concise.

The stream of consciousness writing technique is well known, but not so with stream of consciousness drawing.  This book will remedy that disparity.  Recommended for those studying art therapy and those in search of different healing methods."

When this book is published, I will buy a copy for my personal collection because, well, you never know ....

(This title was previewed through  It will be published May 6, 2014.)

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