Friday, February 28, 2014

LE-JOG-ed by Robin Richards

The title of Robin Richards' new book is the acronym for the Land's End to John O'Groats "end to end" walk from the bottom point of the UK to the very top.  Here's the review I submitted

"Vivid descriptions of the towns and villages along the End to End trail highlight Robin Richards' post-retirement memoir of his journeys through the UK. Readers will cheer him on, agonize over yet another blister, and empathize with struggles and wrong turns. This is a good travel guide, of sorts, for those who like to read about nature, English village life and solo journeys."

I've read a lot of travelogues and memoirs about various travel/spiritual journeys and really anticipated enjoying this book, but the author never seemed to connect with anyone or anything along the End to End route and it left me thinking "what's the point?" That said, I did enjoy his descriptions of the villages.

(This title was previewed through  It was published November 7, 2013.)

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