Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A 23 Hour Commute Home From Work

January 28 saw metro Atlantans facing the worst rush hour traffic jam in history. Snow fell early afternoon and turned to ice after dark.  A commute that normally takes me 25 or 30 minutes, took 23 hours, with a layover at a local The Home Depot store.  I wanted to keep this blog focused on books and reviews, but this layover was life-changing, so I have to share it.

Here's a letter I sent to The Home Depot's CEO, Frank Blake.  He sent a nice reply, stating he would make sure Tanashier and the Roswell store are recognized for their generosity.

Dear Mr. Blake -

During the recent snowstorm/major traffic jam in metro Atlanta, I was stranded on Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell, GA.  After spending 10 hours in my car, inching along on my way home, the road up ahead of me was shut down by local police.  A coworker called to check on me and told me to go to Home Depot because they were keeping stores open 24 hours as shelters.   Fortunately, I was able to turn my car around because I was just down the street from the store in Roswell.

I spent the night, 1/28/14, at the store located at 1580 Holcomb Bridge Rd.  Staff provided blankets and furniture for our comfort (and sleep), they lent us their phone chargers and adapters, they fed us apples, oranges, snacks, homemade soup and sandwiches, doughnuts and pastries, water, coffee - they even had pizza delivered for lunch the next day, 1/29/14; they offered support and advice, concern, encouragement, lots of smiles, traffic updates and more.  Each staff person, and especially store manager, Tanashier Bonadie, welcomed us into the store as if they were welcoming us into their homes.

Most of us who sought shelter there had spent between 8 and 18 hours in gridlocked traffic on cold, icy roads in the Roswell, GA area.  We were exhausted, frustrated and worried.  Home Depot turned a very unpleasant event into a pleasant one and I am forever grateful. I have shared my story with many people, telling them how wonderful Home Depot is and I will share the goodwill of Home Depot for the rest of my life.  God bless you and thank you!

Best regards,

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