Saturday, January 3, 2015

12 Blogs of Christmas

Last year, one of my first blog posts listed my favorite books of the year, past and present.  I listed six books I had read in 2013 that I loved and six books that I hoped to read in 2014.  How did I do?  Oh, geez.  I didn't read a single one this year that I thought I would!  I tried a couple of them, but didn't like them and moved on.  Life is too short to waste time on a book I don't like.

This year, I'm listing my favorite blogs.  Some of them are already posed to the right of the screen, but this time I'll expound a little bit about why I've chosen it.

Sarah Farish - This is unabashed pride because SE is my oldest niece, a high school English teacher, a funny and smart young lady with a keen eye and sensitive heart.

Debra Darvick - Debra is the oldest daughter of a family friend who passed away in the spring of this year.  After reading her mom's obituary in the local paper, I contacted Debra and we connected/reconnected sharing stories about her mom and what it's like to have a parent who loves you because they have to, not necessarily because they want to - and there's nothing personal about it at all.  When my father died 14 years ago, I learned more about grief than I thought I needed to learn and most of it was wrapped up in my dad's inability to be a good dad.   Debra's journey through her grief is eloquent and she writes lovingly, longingly and realistically about her mother.  Until now, I didn't really know Debra, but knew her mother as a library patron.  I always felt some kind of connection to her mom. 

Stacy Horn -  One of my favorites books from last year was Imperfect Harmony:  Finding Happiness Singing with Others.  I loved this book!   When I "googled" the author, I found this wonderful blog, filled with all kinds of NYC delights.

Citizen Reader - She doesn't post often enough, but I enjoy it when she does.  Lots of non-fiction.

Savvy Working Gal - Lots of non-fiction and common sense.  One of my favorites.

Janice MacLeod - The author wrote a great book Paris Letters Good general blog, mostly fiction.  There is a helpful rating system to let readers know about a book’s content.  Check out her “Blog List” to find links to other blogs.   Good general fiction and non-fiction reviews, including young adult titles. This blog offers a variety of reviews, fiction and non-fiction.  The blog also has weekly features such as “Weekend Cooking” and “Wordless Wednesday.” This site features a blog that has links to low-priced Kindle e-books, as well as book recommendations.  There’s a lot of information available, so take a little time and explore. Good general fiction and non-fiction reviews, as well as audiobook reviews. This blog features a wide variety of book reviews – fiction, non-fiction, young adult, etc.  It’s a fun blog to read – personable and informative.

Just a note:  When looking for blogs to follow, it’s important to look for ones that are updated every few days.  This shows a commitment to the subject and to readers who follow the blogs.  A good way to find additional blogs is to find a blog you like and then see what other blogs that person follows.  Explore, explore, explore.  Click on suggested links and discover the online world of book blogging.  Before you know it, you’ll have several blogs bookmarked on your computer or e-reader and your “to be read list” will be longer than you thought imaginable.

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